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Paul Kleyman, board member of the Legacy Film Festival on Aging, was the Monday night speaker at the Institute of Aging (IOA) in San Francisco, May 21, on “Ageism in The Media: The Beat Goes On, But Here's How to Change It.”

On April 21, the Legacy Film Festival on Aging presented the following films as part of the week-long, city-wide program, REIMAGINE AGING.

FULL CIRCLE (26 min.) Yasha and Carrie Aginsky, Dir. (1998)
A beautiful documentary about Carrie, a middle-aged daughter and filmmaker, trying to make sure that her mother, Natalie, ends life with serenity and dignity, and in accordance with her wishes. The process is complicated by legal medical requirements, and yet the film gives insight into one family's attempt to live out a positive experience of death in the family.

KNIT ONE (10 min.) Clare Gray, Dir. Australia (2012)

A fanciful film of how this woman copes with her husband’s death a in a practical and colorful way, and in the process also forms an important relationship with her young neighbor.

PIECES OF MY WIFE (Des morceaux de me Femme) (9 min.) Frédéric Pelle, Dir. France (2001)
A dramatic short film that shows how one man deals with grief in an unusual way. French, with English subtitles

THE CROW (Le Corbeau) (9 min.) Frédéric Pelle, Dir. France (2000)
A crow comes and disturbs a retired couple in their everyday life. (Fictional) French, with English subtitles

On March 28, the Legacy Film Festival on Aging presented the following documentary short film at AGING IN AMERICA: AMERICAN SOCIETY ON AGING 2018 CONFERENCE

DIAL A RIDE (17 min.) George Cowie, Tom Huntingford, Dirs., England (2017)

LFFoA Dial A Ride Film Short For seniors and persons with disabilities who cannot drive, reliable and safe transportation to medical appointments and other social services is an important key to combatting isolation and depression, and to help people remain active community members. Journeying through rural South Wales on a community bus for seniors, a caring driver provides passengers, who live alone without aid, the opportunity to participate in the everyday activities we take for granted. George Cowie and Tom Huntingford direct this charming and colorful documentary, which takes place in England, 2017.

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