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All Sessions will include post-screening Q&A.

Friday, June 7

Doors open at 4:30pm

SESSION 1 • 5:30 - 7:30pm • Housing Choices As We Age

OPENING NIGHT • Featuring special guest Sari Gilman, director of Oscar-nominated Short Documentary Kings Point

Welcome and Introduction • Sheila Malkind, Director, Legacy Film Festival on Aging

The Silver Age (25’)

Charlotte Metcalf, Director

The Silver Age

The growing population of elderly worldwide will require new policies for caregivers, health care, and housing that are just emerging. The film, made in 2000 and still timely, explores the implications in three very different countries: Japan, India and Tunisia.

Being Old and Active (Oud Actief) (15’)

Bie Muusze, Carol Burgemeestre, Directors

Being Old and Active

Communal living for immigrants in The Netherlands. (Excerpts).

With English voiceovers.

Kings Point (30’)

Sari Gilman, Director

Kings Point

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In this 2013 Academy Award-nominated Short Documentary, director Sari Gilman tells the stories of five seniors living in a typical American retirement resort — men and women who came to Florida decades ago with their spouses and their health intact, and now find themselves grappling with love, loss and the universal desire for human connection.

Post-screening Q&A with Kings Point filmmaker Sari Gilman; Doris Bersing, PhD, President and CEO of Living Well; Kate Hoepke, MBA, Executive Director of SF Village; and the audience.

Saturday, June 8

Doors open at 10:00am

SESSION 2 • 10:30am - 12:30pm • Individuality

Hi, Lillian (25’)

Douglas Wood, Director

Hi, Lillian

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An alienated elderly woman (Pat Crawford Brown) grieving over her dog and dominated by her family, discovers a warm and accepting community in an unlikely place, and her life is never quite the same.

Hit the Road, Granny! (Hit the Road, Nonna!) (64’)

Duccio Chiarini, Director

Hit the Road, Nonna

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Her talent brought her a huge fortune, her character made her lose it all. Delia Ubaldi, 88, has spent her life travelling around the world, for pleasure and for a huge fashion business that she created, in the process changing the role of women in Italian society after WWII. Her grandson tells the story of this difficult and creative woman, who could not ‘have it all’. Her ambition and personality always clashed with her family’s expectations and her duties as a mother.

In Italian, with English subtitles.

SESSION 3 • 1:00 - 3:00pm • A Tribute to an Aging Parent

Mamma Gógó (90’)

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Director and Writer

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Fictional, and also semi-autobiographical, it is the film director’s personal journey, about experiencing his mother’s disappearance into Alzheimer disease, as well as his own personal and financial difficulties when his previous film about aging fails to gather an audience. A film with essential Fridriksson’s ingredients: humor and compassion.

In Icelandic, with English subtitles.

Mamma Gogo Mamma Gogo

SESSION 4 • 3:30 - 6:00pm • Physicality

Aquadettes (10’)

Drea Cooper and Zach Canepari, Directors


On life, death, and synchronized swimming.

ParaGrinding (8’20”)

Devon Cooke, Director


View Trailer

A weekend warrior documents his quest to complete a personal one-day urban biking/hiking/paragliding triathlon.

Slomo (16’)

Joshua Izenberg, Director


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Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a taste of divinity.

Louie, Louie (30’)

Cynthia Salzman Mondell, Director

Louie, Louie

A story of a man's courageous determination to retain his independence while fighting Parkinson's disease. And a loving family's efforts to weather crisis after crisis as they watch the one they love robbed of his ability to care for himself.

Grasping the Bird's Tail (12'20")

Patricia Somers, Director

Grasping the Bird's Tail

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Herb’s Tai Chi class is different. Some students have physical challenges, but all are guided toward their own goals by the gentle force of this unconventional teacher.

After the post-screening Q&A, a Tai Chi workshop follows (approx. 30 minutes), taught by SF State Instructor Patrick Ryan, upstairs in the dance studio. Comfortable clothes are recommended.

Sunday, June 9

Doors open at 10:00am

SESSION 5 • 10:30am - 12:30pm • Creativity

Eric Smith: Not Finished Yet (54’)

Kirrilly Brentnall, Director

Eric Smith

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As he approaches 90, this long forgotten Australian Abstractionist is on a mission to ‘go out with a bang, rather than a whimper.’ Three times awarded Australia’s most coveted Archibald Prize for portraiture twenty years previously, he has been preparing for his next exhibition ever since. Will he ever be ready?

In English, with Australian accent!

The Gambling Man (20’)

Aron Gaudet, Director

The Gambling Man

View Trailer

A profile of Albert Hurwit, an 80-year-old retired doctor who can’t read or write music, yet composes an award-winning symphony.

Kaziah, The Goat Woman (27’)

Amy Duzinski Janes, Director

Slide show of Kaziah's Portrait Gallery (5’)


View Trailer

Goat rancher Kaziah Hancock lives close to the earth and every day experiences the meaning of life and death, with her hundred head of goats. But she's also known as an American hero for painting over 1,000 extraordinary portraits of our fallen military personnel as a gift to their families.

Producer Kathleen Dolan will be present at the Q&A.

SESSION 6 • 1:00 - 3:00pm • Memory

Abuelas (Grandmothers) (30’)

Afarin Eghbal, Director


View Trailer

In Buenos Aires, an old woman looks forward to becoming a grandmother. However, historic events force her to wait over 30 years.

An animated student documentary, in Spanish, with English subtitles.

Paper Memories (7’25”)

Theo Putzu, Director

Paper Memories

View Trailer

An old man searches for happiness in old photos...two worlds divided by the inability to dream.

Henry (21’)

Yan England, Director


View Trailer

Henry, an elderly concert pianist, undergoes a series of confusing experiences as he searches for his wife. A 2013 Academy Award nominee for Best Action Short (fictional).

In French, with English subtitles.

The Sum Total of Our Memory (30’)

Barbara Klutinis, Director

The Sum Total of Our Memory

View Trailer

Couples affected by a partner’s recent diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s, come to terms with their changing roles.

Geriatric Specialist Edith Kaplan, LCSW, and Director Barbara Klutinis will be present at the Q&A.

SESSION 7 • 3:30 - 5:30pm • Love and Sex

A Senior Moment (5’)

Michelle Davidson, Director


Not your typical ‘Senior Moment’.

Backseat Bingo (5’)

Liz Blazer, Director

Backseat Bingo

View Trailer

An animated documentary about the romantic lives (or not) of older adults.

Down, Across (Loddrett, Vannrett) (12’)

Erland Overby, Director

Down Across

A grumpy old man is stuck in his rigid and safe routine, working on a new crossword puzzle every night, while ignoring the subtle invitations of the woman next door. Until...

In Norwegian, with English subtitles.

Cose Naturali (Natural Things) (28’)

Germano Maccioni, Director

Cose Naturali

View Trailer

An old widower studies – and becomes a bit obsessed with – the ancient Roman poet Lucretius. Along with this and in spite of his age, he continues to humor his body and its desires.

Dziad i Baba (The Old Man and the Old Woman) (9’)

Basia Goszczynska, Director

Dziad i Baba

View Trailer

Two soulmates fight their fears of death in this stop-action comedy based on a Polish fable.

The Personals (37’)

Keiko Ibi, Director

The Personals

The documentary follows a group of older adults as they rehearse and present an original play at a community theater on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Drawn from the comedy and drama of their own lives, the play is structured around their quest for dates through the personal ads. An Academy Award winner from 1998, (before digital personal ads).

Art of Aging (5’)

Alice and Richard Matzkin, Directors

Art of Aging

A married painter and sculptor who have written a book about aging, and who talk frankly and lovingly about the changes and understanding they have gone through.

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