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Friday, September 16, 5:30pm


The Presence Project

Lisa Fierstein, 2015. (4:42 min.)

A recent art school graduate works with a senior living community devoted to people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to form a special bond with each of the residents. After hearing their stories, the artist (not the filmmaker) paints beautiful portraits of them, honoring who they were and who they are now.

Student filmmaker Lisa Fierstein will be present.

There is a Place

Tania Ku, 2015. (17 min.)

Every week, Bay Area singer-songwriter Lior Tsarfaty visits 15-20 different Alzheimer's care communities around the San Francisco Bay Area, a suitcase of percussion instruments in tow. At one, a circle of residents sit and wait quietly. Smiles quickly spread, as residents and staff join in with their own expressions of song and dance.

Filmmaker Tania Ku and subject Lior Tsarfaty will be present.

A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone

Mo Morris, 2015. (57 min.)

An exuberant and inspiring film about Edythe Boone, a 74-year-old African-American artist who teaches public art to middle-schoolers and Richmond seniors. Tough and compassionate, wise and funny, she lived through segregation and Jim Crow maintaining her faith in humanity, despite recent and alarming challenges to that faith. In the classroom, Edy’s creative example inspires students to imagine new possibilities, challenge stereotypes and become agents of change.

Filmmaker Mo Morris, and subject Edythe Boone will be present.

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Total screening time: 82 minutes. Q&A follows screening.

Saturday, September 17, 11am


A Letter From Fred

Oceanna Colgan, 2013. (15 min.)

A heartwarming film about how a music studio saw the potential in 96-year-old Fred’s song to his “Sweet Lorraine,” and the public’s emotional reaction.

Queen Mimi

Yaniv Rokah, 2014. (75 min.)

One stormy night, Mimi, who had been living on the streets for many years, found her home in a California laundromat. For the next 20 years, thanks to its generous owner, she continued to live there, while her philosophy that ‘the past is the past’ endeared her to regular ‘fluff and fold’ clients as well as some unlikely new friends. Now 90, Mimi reminds us to never give in and never give up, and that if you ever find yourself in the gutter, to never stop looking at the stars.

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Total screening time: 90 minutes. Q&A follows screening. Program ends at 1pm.

Saturday, September 17, 1:30pm



Stamatis Giannoulis, 2016. (17 min.)

One day that clarifies the relationship between an elderly, childless couple who have just lost their pet dog, Lucy, the ‘base” of their triangle. Feelings buried or suppressed find a chance to emerge, forcing them to reconsider their love for each other.

In Greek, with English subtitles.

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Alice Cares (Ik ben Alice)

Sander Burger, 2015. (80 min.)

A fascinating documentary about a Dutch pilot program that tests the use of an emotionally intelligent “care-bot” named Alice to ward off isolation and provide socialization. Can technology be combined with human care to support seniors’ living independently?

In Dutch, with English subtitles.

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Koko Kawasaki, MA will be the key facilitator for the program.

Total screening time: 97 minutes. Q&A follows screening. Program ends at 4pm.

Saturday, September 17, 4:30pm


Remember Me

William Goldbloom, 2016. (90 min.)

Academy Award winner Rita Moreno stars in this coming-of-age comedy about two competitive 30-something cousins faced with a family crisis, who unexpectedly end up on a road trip delivering their seemingly frail grandmother to an assisted care facility. Along the way, it becomes clear that their grandmother is not so frail, but, instead, over-medicated. When she returns to her feisty, vibrant self again, they make a decision that changes all of their lives.

Sparklight Films’ producers Nanou Matteson & Heather Haggarty will be present.

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Total screening time: 90 minutes. Q&A follows screening.

Saturday, September 17, 7pm


The Old Man

Erin Kelley, 2015. (7 min.)

A new mother, played by Erin Kelly, watches an old man waiting for a bus all day. Her attempts to connect are rebuffed until she finally manages to break through to him.

Florida (Floride)

Philippe Le Guay, 2015. (120 min.)

Famous French veteran actor Jean Rochefort headlines this bittersweet French family comedy-drama about a feisty octogenarian father who is still as imposing as ever, and is determined to stay independent, although his bouts of forgetfulness and confusion are becoming increasingly frequent. Carole, his oldest daughter (Sandrine Kiberlain), wages a daily and taxing battle to ensure that he's not left on his own. Claude suddenly decides on a whim to go to Florida. What lies behind this sudden trip?

In French, with English subtitles.

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Doris Bersing, PhD, Director, Living Well will be the key facilitator for the program.

Total screening time: 127 minutes. Q&A follows screening.

Sunday, September 18, 12pm


Snow Day: Life, Death, and Skiing

Erica Milsom, 2015. (60 min.)

An inspiring film about six aging skiers on their weekly trip to ski in the Rockies. Full of life, they frequently face profound adversity and share their stories of love, loss, and personal growth, which play out in high contrast to the freedom and athleticism they exhibit on the mountain.

Filmmaker Erica Milsom will be present.

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Mario Galarreta, 2015. (9:40 min.)

After 50 years of marriage, and afflicted with senile dementia, Wayne is drawn into the deep recesses of his youth in search for a forbidden love.

Filmmaker Mario Galarreta will be present.


Alexis Van Stratum, 2014. (20:39 min.)

The elderly Albertine has recently lost her husband and with him, her desire to live. She spends her days attending funerals and planning her own until an elderly man in her apartment building comes to change a light bulb for her.

Belgian film in French, with English subtitles.

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Total screening time: 98 minutes. Q&A follows screening. Program ends at 2pm.

Sunday, September 18, 2:30pm


Opting-Out (Desconexión Territorial)

Lucas Villa, 2015. (10:43 min.)

A whimsical story about a Spanish woman who visits her husband’s urn at the cemetery, and talks to him about the strange things that are going on in her kitchen and on her radio.

Student film, in Spanish, with English subtitles.

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Hip Hop-eration

Bryn Evans, 2015. (90 min.)

A feel-good documentary following the journey of New Zealand senior citizens, ages 65-93, as they train to compete in the World Hip-Hop Championships in Las Vegas. The film also explores their lives and motivations, and conveys the enthusiastic support they get from their young Hip Hop dance-troupe competitors.

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Total screening time: 102 minutes. Q&A follows screening.



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