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Friday, September 14, 1:30 PM


Three Boys Manzanar

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Preeti Deb, DIR., USA, 2017.

Bittersweet story of the 70 year old reunion of three men interned at Camp Manzanar as children, incarcerated by circumstance and bound together by history.

Forever Chinatown

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Forever Chinatown (30 min.)

James Q. Chan, DIR., USA, 2016.

81-year-old artist Frank Wong devoted the past four decades recreating his fading memories and emotional struggles by building extraordinarily detailed miniature models of Chinatown in San Francisco.

The Call

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The Call (19:12 min.)

Milos Ljubomirovic, DIR., Serbia, 2018.

This short highlights the alienation, emotional loneliness and gap between the generations, as a grandson impatiently tries to teach his grandmother how to Skype on her computer. In Serbian, with English subtitles.


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Childless (10 min.)

George Zdravkov, DIR., Bulgaria, 2018.

Unable to give birth, a woman raises four adopted children, who then care for her as she approaches her 100th birthday. In Bulgarian with English subtitles.


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Achentannos: May you live 100 years (19:23 min.)

Antonio Maciocco, DIR., Sardinia, 2017.

Even when 100 years old, at any moment something can occur that makes one taste the pleasure of living. In Italian with English subtitles.

Friday, September 14, 5:00 PM



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Edges (10 min.)

Katie Stjernholm, DIR., USA, 2016.

Yvonne Dowlen is ice skating at least five days a week and competing in figure skating.

Ice Mother

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Ice Mother (Bába z ledu) (1 hr, 46 min.)

Bohdan Sláma, DIR., Czech Republic, 2017.

While taking her grandson for a walk, Hana, a 67-year-old widow, rescues an elderly ice swimmer, which results in an unexpected hobby. Stars Zuzana Kronerova and Pavel Novy. In Czech, with English subtitles.

Saturday, September 15, 12:00 PM


The Miserabilist

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The Miserabilist (17 min.)

Corin Sherman, DIR., USA, 2018.

Something unusual recently happened in Phoenix, Arizona. Deceased residents began returning to life. While many rejoiced, there’s one woman who is utterly unimpressed.


Kayla (14 min.)

John Dower, DIR., UK, 2018.

Lonely and chaotic unseasoned caregiver Sarah (27), has to decide what to do when her new client Stanley (80) mistakes her for his granddaughter.

Like Virginia

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Like Virginia (55 min.)

Kelly Schroeder Strong, DIR., USA, 2018.

A documentary glimpse of a playful inter-generational bond between 94-year-old Virginia and her 37-year-old friend, Kelly, who wants to be like her someday. A reflection on how the choices we make, at all ages, create our lives.

Saturday, September 15, 2:30 PM


A Dance with Death

A Dance With Death (25 min.)

Arash Malekzadeh, DIR., USA, 2018.

Timely documentary: A new law gave Kelly Johnson the option to end his life as he wished. He took it.

Nothing to Do

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Nothing To Do (1 hr, 21 min.)

Mike Kravinsky, DIR., USA, 2017.

What happens when you can't stand the way your sibling does just about anything, but you're forced to be with each other during your father's last days. A story of the family bonds that never die.

Saturday, September 15, 5:30 PM


The Other Side

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The Other Side (6 min.)

Griselda San Martin, DIR., Spain, USA, Mexico, 2016.

Documentary about deported musician Jose Marquez and his daughter Susanna, who have been separated for almost 15 years, but meet every month on either side of the US-Mexico border wall.


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Candelaria (90 min.)

Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, DIR., Colombia, 2017.

The drama is set in Cuba in the 1990s, at a time when a strict trade embargo was in force. Our protagonists are a couple of septuagenarians who are in the sunset of their lives, and rediscover mutual love, and even a touch of passion. Veronica Lynn and Alden Knight. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Note: Candelaria won the prize for Best Director at Venice Days section during the 74th Venice Film Festival.

Sunday, September 16, 12:00 PM


Wendy's Shabbat

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Wendy’s Shabbat (10 min.)

Rachel Myers, DIR., USA, 2018.

A delightful documentary about a group of Jewish senior citizens who celebrate the weekly Sabbath (Shabbat) at the local Wendy’s fast food restaurant with Hebrew blessings along with burgers and fries.

Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game

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Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game (85 min.)

Howard L. Weiner, DIR., USA, 2017.

Martin Landau, in his last film, plays a physician who moves into a nursing home with his ailing wife and forms an unlikely friendship with a womanizing gambler (Paul Sorvino), even sharing intimate conversations, and later experiences a surprising turn of events.

Strong language.

Sunday, September 16, 2:30 PM


A Marriage Story

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A Marriage Story (102 min.)

Helena Třeštíková, DIR., Czech Republic, 2017.

A family odyssey spanning 35 years in the life of a Czech couple with five children. There are moments of absolute harmony, as well as scenes of daily household routines raising children, plus the couple’s business life. And later, there are shocking twists for the family to deal with.



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