We’re working hard on putting together the 2022 Legacy Film Festival on Aging. For updates click HERE.

Dear Friends:

Thank you for attending the 10th Legacy Film Festival on Aging.

It was quite an adventure to attempt an online version of the festival, something I, and most of my team had never done – starting in mid-May, 2020, with Zooming, then following with all the rest that you see here, and have experienced in the 8 days of the fest.

So brava to you, as well! We will also try to figure out a way for you to tell us at some point how it worked for you (in one or two sentences, please ). There were lots of hiccups, but thanks to our techs, most were attended to successfully.

The most popular program was LEGACY SHORTS, followed by CIVIL RIGHTS, followed by DARKNESS AND LIGHT, followed by FUN & GAMES, then CARING, BUOYANCY, ADAPTATION, MEMORY fairly similar in numbers. Lastly, was COURAGE AGAINST HATE.

Today is Memorial Day- the day that those who died in active military service are remembered. I hope people will take some time to remember those sacrifices.

I recommend to all who bought an all-access pass, or a single ticket that you watch the program COURAGE AGAINST HATE. Three special films: one, ELDER VOICES, focuses on the courageous lives of elders, now in their 80s, who lived through the Great Depression and World War II, and are now living together in a Quaker retirement. You will hear and see their stark testimony; the second, JOHNSON’S LIST, about “Johnny” Johnson, one of the first Americans captured during the Korean War, who found a way to provide closure for families about their loved ones. Followed by a 7-min film about how the League of Women Voters created a new generation of high school students into FOREVER VOTERS.

When I look over all our film programs – all related to themes of Aging and Disability, I see another theme present in each film: Courage.