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The Legacy Film Festival on Aging celebrates the aging process as profound and meaningful, often challenging, and always courageous. Will we ‘age gracefully’, or crankily, or painfully? Or defiantly? Our films portray some of the many facets of this unique, ever-changing experience honestly and artfully and always with compassion and love for their subjects.

Meet The Team

Sheila Malkind, Founder and Executive Director

After 60 years in the field of aging, first in Chicago, and now in San Francisco, Sheila Malkind, 82, is passionate about presenting films on aging to the SF community and the world. She sees her work as her passion, based on her experiences working and socializing with older people. Sheila hopes to transform the images of adults that are currently represented in the media into more realistic and dynamic images of people with experience who wish to learn new concepts, and who have much to contribute to society, through work, volunteerism, socializing, and just simple enjoyment in life. In 2020 she suffered a stroke, affecting her mobility, and as a result has an even greater interest in showing films on disability issues.

Arlene Reiff, Film Curator

I am so grateful to be the Film Curator and Member of the Board of Directors since 2014. It’s been a pleasure to work with Sheila Malkind, the Founder and Executive Director, as well as the Board of Directors, and all the volunteers who review films to help us select the best films for this year’s festival. It’s been quite a challenge and steep learning curve for us to offer our 10th Annual film festival ONLINE, and we did it!  Come and see our very special film programs that celebrate life in the later years, complete with all of its triumphs and challenges.

We wish to honor our indefatigable LFFOA Board Members:

Sadie Harmon, Linda Jue, Paul Kleyman, Arlene Reiff, Tony Snapes, and Jessica Rucker

Legacy Film Series presents independent and entertaining films that portray the variety of later life experiences. Films and film programs are available for colleges, high schools, senior centers, retirement communities, gerontology organizations and libraries. Your organization may rent a single program, consisting of one-and one-half hours of films, or opt for longer programs. View the Film Catalog for more information.



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