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Directed by Duncan Dallas

The true story of Dr. Oliver Sacks’s work in the 60’s, working with a group of catatonic patients, survivors of a 1920’s worldwide epidemic of “Sleeping Sickness,” who he “awakens.” USA.

Note: This is the original documentary that inspired the major motion picture with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.

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A striking documentary that relies on hundreds of films clips to reframe Hollywood’s stereotypical portrayal of disabled people of different ages by letting the actual people with disabilities speak for themselves. Followed by the classic 1974 film, “Awakenings,” which portrays Dr. Oliver Sack’s extraordinary work in the 60s with a group of catatonic patients living in a Queens hospital — survivors of a 1920s worldwide Sleeping Sickness epidemic — and how he helps them to “awaken” in a changed world.