Margaret Singer: Seeking Light

Directed by Louise Palanker

Celebrates the art, wisdom and journey of this 97-year-old artist, who died in May of 2019, a month shy of her 98th birthday. Fleeing tragedy and turbulence in Nazi Germany at the age of 17, she survived alone in the U.S., relying on her innate sense of truth and joy. USA.

Plays in


Two films celebrating the lives of inspirational women who experienced the tragedy and turbulence of Nazi Germany: Margaret Singer, at age 17 fleeing to America, where she lived alone her whole life, creating her inspirational art; Hungarian Éva Fahidi, 90, surviving Auschwitz at age 20; late in life writing her tragic memoir, which she, plus a young acclaimed dancer, led by the film’s director, re-create in a memorable dance performance. USA, Hungary.