Some Kind of Heaven + Interview with Lance Oppenheim

Directed by Lance Oppenheim

This documentary co-produced by The New York Times, shows America’s largest retirement community, The Villages, in Florida. Mostly white, the over-55 residents, presumably financially comfortable, can enjoy over 3,000 group activities, such as: cheerleading, a marching band. the Golf Cart Precision Drill Team. Of the questions one might ask: Are these the Golden Years? USA.

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A special film of how dance pioneer Anna Halprin, whose belief in dance to teach, heal and transform, leads to a joyful dance performance with senior citizens of various physical abilities in 2009. Followed by the many ways residents strive to find solace and meaning in their lives at America’s largest retirement community in Florida.
Note: Anna Halprin died May 24, 2021, at age 100. We honor her life as an artist and healer.