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  • 90 mins

Three films that reveal how the healing power of water makes the life of a 93-year-old American woman living in Thailand with serious health problems more meaningful; how the life of a Sicilian fisherman is disrupted by a surprise he finds on his fishing boat; how a nephew swims a 65-mile swim to inspire his aunt diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. USA.

In this program

Swimming with Florence

Directed by Clark Barclay

A 93-year-old woman, with lifelong serious health conditions, finds a way to make her life meaningful when her son takes her swimming every day. Directed by Clark Barclay. 5 mins. USA.

Rosso: A True Lie About a Fisherman

Directed by Antonio Messana

Meet Clemente, an old Sicilian fisherman whose life is distrupted when he finds a dead body stuck in his fishing nets. Directed by Antonio Messana. 28 mins. France. (CC)

Victory Swim + Interview with Susan Scarlett

Directed by Matt Yamashita

A story of love and perseverance, as Adam Ellenstein attempts a record-setting 65- mile swim to honor and inspire his aunt after she is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Directed by Matt Yamashita. 56 mins. USA.