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  • 78 mins

Four films which provide different perspectives on caring for older adults: the daily lives of  (1) Black and (2) Latinx family caregivers; (3) a supportive son worried that his 92-year-old mother has dementia; (4) the tale of one man struggling to care for his dying wife.

In this program

Today Was a Good Day

Directed by David Wild

Highlights the different perspectives in the daily life of a caregiver, as seen though the eyes of three Black residents in Southeastern Michigan. Directed by David Wild. 26 mins. USA. (CC)

Enid and Mami

Directed by Julia Reagan

An intimate look into the daily life of Enid, a Latinx wife, mother, educator and pastor and follows her experience as a devoted caretaker for her mother, Mami, who has dementia. Directed by Julia Reagan. 18 mins. USA.

Little Victories

Directed by Dean Cameron

While visiting his mother in a retirement home, Sam worries that his mother may have dementia, but after a chance encounter, learns his mother is sharper than he thinks. Directed by Dean Cameron. 10 mins. USA.

Caregiver: A Love Story

Directed by Jessica Zitter, Kevin Gordon

Follow the journey of one man’s struggles to care for his dying wife at home during the last nine weeks of her life. Directed by Jessica Zitter. 24 mins. USA.