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  • 90 mins

Female Activists: Today and Yesterday.

Two films with the same goals.The fascinating life pathway of activist Betty Reid Soskin, the 99-year-old Black still-working female California Park Ranger contrasts with a group of middle-class white women who fought Governor Faubus’s attempts to segregate Little Rock, Arkansas’s high schools in 1958, and they won.

In this program

No Time to Waste: The Urgent Mission of Betty Reid Soskin + Interview with Carl Bidleman

Directed by Carl Bidleman

Celebrating the life pathway of 99-year-old park ranger from segregation to her present public role at the Rosie the Riveter Historical Memorial Park in Richmond, California. Directed by Carl Bidleman. 50 mins. USA.

The Giants Wore White Gloves

Directed by Sandra Hubbard

In 1958, a group of middle-class white women fought Governor Faubus’s order to close the schools rather than integrate –and they won! Directed by Sandra Hubbard. 40 mins. USA.