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Special Note for our Hearing-Impaired Patrons

Our apology for offering you only 8 films with Closed Captioning. These were the only available closed-caption films of the films received.

We have 2 suggestions:

  1. Try adjusting your computer or tablet volume and/or the volume controls within the video app you are using to watch the film. or
  2. Plug in your headset, headphones, or earbuds. The headset that the airlines provide can be plugged into the headset jack on your computer, which will often cut out external noise and make it easier for hearing.
  3. If you purchase a $50 All-Fest Pass, you can pick and choose the 8 long and short films that have the CC notation. They may not be exactly what you originally selected, but in the spirit of Adventure, you will find delightful, thoughtful films.


BELLBIRD (95 min).

Includes the following group of films:

ROSSO: A TRUE LIE ABOUT A FISHERMAN— part of the 3-film program, BUOYANCY (28 min.)

THE EUPHORIA OF BEING Incredible film In the DARKNESS AND LIGHT program (81 min.)

TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY – Part of the 4 films in the CARING program (26 min.)


TOTAL VIEWING TIME FOR ALL 8 FILMS: 298 min. = 5 hours viewing time


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