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Thank You’s

Thanks to all our Filmmakers

Swimming with Florence, Clark Barclay, USA
Bellbird, Hamish Bennett, New Zealand
Mochitsuki & Forever Voters, Sky Bergman, USA
No Time to Waste, Carl Bidleman, USA
Little Victories, Dean Cameron, USA
Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy, Elizabeth Carroll, USA
Code of the Freaks, Salome Chasnoff, USA
Awakenings, Duncan Dallas, USA
Fearless Films, Feros Care & Screenworks, Australia
Seniors Rocking, Ruedi Gerber, USA
Elder Voices, David Goodman, USA
Caregiver: A Love Story, Kevin Gordon and Jessica Zitter, USA
Johnson’s List, Jonathan Grupper, USA
12 Ingredients Over the Generations, Sam Hampton, USA
Ninety-two and a Half, Helen Herbert, USA
The Giants Wore White Gloves, Sandra Hubbard, USA
To: Gerard, Taylor Meacham, USA
The Sauna, Olle Christiansen Meijer, Sweden
The Rest I Make Up, Michelle Memran, USA
Rosso: A True Lie About a Fisherman, Antonio Messana, France
Some Kind of Heaven, Lance Oppenheim, USA
Margaret Singer: Seeking Light, Louise Palanker, USA
Enid & Mami, Julia Reagan, USA
Edith Hillinger: Collaging Culture, Elizabeth Sher, USA
Weezie Mott; Still Cookin’, Elizabeth Sher, Maggie Simpson Adams, USA
The Euphoria of Being, Réka Szabó, Hungary
The Oldest Man in the World, Caz Tanner, United Kingdom
Today Was a Good Day, David Wild, USA
Victory Swim, Matt Yamashita, USA

Thanks to our Interviewers

Josiane Chriqui
Tony Snapes
Laura Wenus
Maxine Anderson
Arlene Reiff
Cristina Rubke
Edith Kaplan


Thanks to our Donors

Yarka B, Martin D, Jane K, Edith K, Jane R, Helene P, Sheila H, Janet T, Ralph F
Marilyn H, Community Living Campaign, Arlene S, Elizabeth W, Judy G, Nan M, Karla J, Tina M, Pamela B, Jennifer E, Jessica R, Nancy H, Nancy W, Gideon M, Darlene C, Susan W


Thanks to our Sponsors

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Technical Support

Ashley Maria
Dave Malkind



Karen Larsen
Natalie Mulford



Ana Abraldes
Jason Luz

As a nonprofit, we depend on the support of movie fans like you. To continue our mission—to educate, entertain, and inspire intergenerational audiences about the issues of Aging—please consider a donation to the Legacy Film Festival on Aging.